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Night & Day Studios specializes in web development, graphic design, and search engine optimization. We provide services to businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals. Located in Southern New Hampshire, the company was founded in 2012 to help people express their messages online in bold and unique ways. With decades worth of experience, our developers, designers, and marketers can deliver results even the most competitive of markets.

What we do

web development services

One website for every device

We can develop anything from a personal portfolio to a full blown ecommerce site, and we work directly with you to assure that your website comes out the way you want it to be. After all, your website is a reflection of your business or project. We work with responsive frameworks so your website will flex to any screen size while maintaining full functionality.

graphic design services

Amplify your message with graphics

Graphic design is utilized to create logos, publications, advertisements, websites, packaging, signs, and the list goes on. Graphics are all around us and are a part of most of our experiences and interactions. This visual language helps us to navigate the world whether you are: in your car, on the web, in the grocery store, or at your favorite restaurant. If there were no graphics our interactions would be much more difficult, how would you find your favorite drink?

content creation services

Content is king

The key to success online is quality content that captures the attention of visitors. Quality content creation should be based on research and written to engage your target market. Effective content is short, simple, clear, and easy to read. Beyond grabbing and keeping the attention of visitors website content needs to be optimized to meet search engine guidelines so it will rank high in search results!

seo services

Achieve a high ranking website

The goal of the search engines is to return the most credible results for any given search term. Developing and maintaining a credible online presence is what gets you ranked in search engines. Relevant backlinks are viewed as recommendations, social media signals are signs of your involvement with the community, and updates to your website is viewed as production. We offer all the SEO services you will need on your journey to achieve a high ranking website.

pay per cick services

An ROI that helps you grow

According to recent data an astounding 67% of all searches are conducted on Google and that number only continues to grow. Chances are you found this website, maybe even this very page, while searching in Google. And this is why Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising has proliferated into the hearts and minds of all businesses looking to quickly reach more people in a cost-effective way.

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